Step into your personal power, self-sovereignty & soul-led creation.

Hello there!

I'm Tejal.

I'm a nature-loving introvert, fascinated by mysticism and forgotten wisdom. I'm here to explore the depth of whole-hearted freedom we can create for ourselves and eachother in this life.

I'm a trained yoga guide, embodiment mentor and artist. My expertise is in trauma-aware & decolonised healing.

I guide visionaries & cyclebreakers in stepping into their personal power & self-leadership through decolonised Yoga, self-healing and somatics.









Rise with sovereign community curated for deep connection & to hold you in shifting out of emotional pain, ancestral wounds and limiting patterns.

1:1 journeys curated to your needs - I offer both asana sessions and mentorship designed to guide you in remembering your inner authority, bring relief from trauma cycles and connect with your intuition.

Soul art prints for sale and Guided Meditation packages for digital download.

Use or browse the Earthed Oracle cards.



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You deserve to be authentically expressed and the world deserves your authenticity. No more hiding or holding back on all that you wish to be. 

The medicine is within. For too long we've been told that the answers to our own body-minds lie outside of us. Now is the time to come home to your own unshakeable wisdom. I will walk with you on this path.

We can't heal in the same environment we got sick in. The healing balm to this hyper-individualistic world is connection with those that see you in all your dimensions. This space is for that.

You seek a radically new way of being and it seeks you. Now is the time to break generational cycles, dissolve limiting beliefs & behaviours, and receive euphoric revelations about your beautiful life.  

Theodore Kalessi

"Tejal is a wonderful teacher - knowledgeable and deeply caring.

She is always very sensitive and considerate of her students’ individual needs.

Tejal’s attention to posture alignment along with her clear instructions give you the confidence to challenge yourself on the mat.


Her genuine and gentle approach creates and atmosphere of peace and serenity. You will leave her class feeling uplifted and relaxed!"

Emily Macdonald

"Tejal is a wonderful teacher. She creates a gentle and supportive atmosphere in class and is very attuned to her students’ needs.

She offered some great modifications for me as I’m working with an injury at the moment that allowed me to challenge myself safely in each position. I was able to switch off completely and let her voice guide me through the practice.


Her connection to the philosophy behind the practice really comes through and I found the class very healing."

Maria, (@thesouthernyogi)

"Tejal is an amazing teacher who will make you feel at ease straight away. She has a calming voice and gives really clear instructions.


Tejal's passion shines through her teaching and her love for yoga is very apparent with the way she teaches. Highly recommended!"




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