A 2 hour virtual class and ceremony with Tejal


Are you ready to invite your freeze, fawn, flood, flight or fleeing to become your keys to access the deeper wisdom hidden within?

At some point in our liberation journey, we've exhausted the over-thinking, ego-tripping, intellectual rollercoaster that is being in our heads. When we are here, living our soul's truest expression/reality can feel unreachable.

It isn't - trust me! The missing component from the psycho-spiritual world is, to me, the juicy, somatic (body-mind) connection.

So, in this space with me:

Get ready to feel instead of think. 

Prepare to get curious, instead of knowing all the answers.

Welcome the dissolving of trauma/wound stories from the body not the thoughts!

Join me for a deeply held ceremony and class, which will cover: 


  • Interactive learning tools to connect with the body & inner authority

  • Somatic and ancient theory of the nervous system and how to use it to become the living embodiment of your soul's expression

  • Body-based techniques for shifting old stories/attachments/wounds/pain 

  • A ceremony in ancestral connection, intention setting, rekindling our intuition and grounding deep into our being

You will receive:

  • 2 hour class & guided ceremony 

  • A recording of the event to keep forever

Save this date and time:

Saturday 2nd April at 12.12pm

Your investment: £12 (GBP) 

The recording will not be available for those who don't attend live. The live event is where the deep shifts are co-created with our community! 

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