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Embodied Power and Sovereignty (Solar Plexus Cakra Focus)


Course length

2 Hours

About the course

How would it feel to stand in your inner power at any given moment or situation?

This yoga course explores asana (movement), pranayama (breath), mantra (vocals) and dharana (focus) as well as relevant niyamas and yamas (inward and outward restraints) that bring about embodied stability and strength, and with it a sense of who we are as sovereign beings. Drawn from the decolonised system of yoga and somatic practices we explore a strengthening flow that taps in deeply to our solar plexus chakra - to reconnect with our inner power, stand in our highest expression, and feel an embodied sense of confidence and strength.

Each video contains guidance for you to practice each flow along with me.

Course includes:

1 x 15 minute INTRO and SOMATIC TOOLS
1 x 15 minute MANTRA PRACTICE and scripture, with explanation
1 x 1hr DYNAMIC Vinyasa Flow
1 x 30 minute MEDITATION and PRANAYAMA

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