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What is the significance of Embodied Healing?
Our thoughts, beliefs and the body are interconnected; all beliefs/thoughts are bodily responses to the world that become a part of the unconscious mind. The body is the mind. To change our beliefs, realities and thoughts successfully is to shift them at the root: which is in the body, not the thinking mind.


Private offerings

Bespoke movement classes to support you releasing unprocessed emotions from the body & overcoming trauma, feel lighter & stronger, and form a healthier relationship with the body-mind. You will receive:

  • 1hr Yogasana classes w/prescribed postures and sequencing tailored to you

  • Guided meditations and relaxation journeys

  • Tools and learnings to take away each week

£997 value for £333  (6 x 1hr) sessions


This 8-week programme offers integrative support and guidance drawn from a wealth of somatic coaching and trauma informed facilitation experience. This is a deep journey to remember who you truly are & what you can create, dissolve limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions and wounds at the cellular level, connect with soulful ways of being, let go of the overthinking mind, and embody authentic you. You will receive:

  • 2hr video-call sessions each week

  • Booklets to self-study each week

  • Guided meditations or somatic focuses each week

  • Your Whole Self Blueprint recording

£2000 value for £912 for the full 8-week programme


To support you in anchoring your direction and aligning with your highest self, look no further than an Oracle Insight session with me. Here we will explore a topic of your choice, I will utilise my card decks and intuition to tune into some practical and soul-centred messages. You will receive:

  • A 40 minute reading and Google-meet consultation

  • Guidance based on card reading and your inquiry

  • Inquiry questions and intuitive advice for next steps

£44 per 1hr reading



Online Programme Open Now



Activate Your Sovereignty & Decolonise from the Micro to the Macro

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